AsiaStar Packaging Awards is held by Asian Packaging Federation (APF) and known as packaging Oscars of Asia. Award-winning design of Tasarist, MealBox, received another award from AsiaStar 2015.

Tasarist’s MealBox design gained 2 international (A’Design Award and WPO WorldStar) and 1 national (Crescent and Stars of Packaging) awards previously. AsiaStar 2015 is the 4th award of the project.

Projects participating to Crescent and Stars of Packaging and winning at least Competency Award are eligible to participate in AsiaStar Competition. Tasarist received its new award for MealBox in “Consumer Products” category.

About AsiaStar

The Asian Packaging Federation (APF), a non-profit organization, established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1967, unites the packaging interests of all trade and industries in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, under one co-operative umbrella. Currently, APF constitutes of 12 member countries which are Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

The AsiaStar Packaging Contest Award Ceremony is held every year to elect the best packaging in the continent. Turkey which participated in the AsiaStar Contest for the 2nd time this year as one of the 196 applicants, and earned 18 awards was the 4th country with the highest number of awards won. In the ‘Consumer Products' category which had the highest number of applications, Turkey was the 2nd country with the highest number of awards with 12.